Specialization areas

Human Rights

We have specialized lawyers who will seek, always within the legal framework, to achieve the greatest possible benefit for your client while respecting fundamental rights.

Corporate Law

Our team will be in charge of protecting the assets of the company to which it belongs, being a crucial figure for the proper business management.

Insurance Law

Without insurance, those who suffer losses and those who cause them would have to pay the costs out of their own pocket. Our insurance specialists work on a variety of topics, such as claims for property and accidents and bad faith claims.

Civil Law

We are in charge of guiding, directing and defending the client who hires our services. Our team's main objective is the regulation of civil relations between individuals (individuals or legal entities) that occur on a daily basis.

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    About us

    Azuaje, Della Morte, París and Associates, is a law firm that was created with the objective of providing high quality legal advice, support and results, using our knowledge and experience, to document and build cases, in order to obtain positive results for our clients.





    Argenis Azuaje

    Partner President

    Indira Paris

    Founding Partner

    Julio Azuaje

    Founding Partner

    Francisco Della Morte

    Founding Partner

    Azuaje, Della Morte, Paris and Associates

    “Azuaje y Paris, está compuesto por un grupo de abogados de alto desempeño, con cualidades y capacidades que nos diferencian de los demás, consolidados y fuertes.”


    Azuaje, París and Associates offers a variety of legal services for its clients.
    Some of the common services provided are:

    • Legal advice: Provide expert advice on legal issues, such as legal rights and obligations, contracts, laws, etc.
    • Legal representation: Represent clients in legal proceedings, such as civil, criminal or labor litigation, acting on their behalf to protect their legal interests.
    • Drafting and review of legal documents: Draft and review contracts, legal agreements, wills, powers of attorney and other legal documents to ensure their validity and legal protection.
    • Alternative dispute resolution: They offer alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, to avoid resorting to costly and time-consuming court proceedings.